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  • April 2022 – Seemed Like a Strange Subject at the Time

    Posted by Stephen Nelson on April 3, 2022 at 3:44 pm

    I took a subject in grade 9 when at CDHS, which I thought seemed to be a strange subject to take. I have to admit the information I learned in this subject has been very useful in life.

    Many students and I were taught Business Practice by Mr. Whitney.

    It might seem strange when I tell you when I tell you how much the lessons learned have helped in my life.

    We were taught how to write a cheque. Seems like child’s play, but if you have never filled out a cheque, it can seem like a complicated thing to do. Don’t forget, this was before computers and electronic money transfers.

    I don’t remember what we used as samples for cheques, but we had an explanation about writing or printing the person’s or business’s name on the line beside “Pay to”. The numeric amount in dollars and cents of the cheque would be written after the $ sign with a decimal point between the dollar and cent amounts.

    You would write out the dollar amount in words. We were told to draw a line before and after the amount in words to prevent someone from adding words to alter the cheque amount.

    A legible signature on the right-hand bottom line was crucial and don’t forget to date the cheque in the space usually on the top right.

    A space on the bottom left was where you could write the reason for writing the cheque.

    We even learned how to figure out a monthly budget. Many more things taught in Business Practice are used in everyday adult life. Calculating a budget wasn’t as complicated for most as it was/is to “keep to the budget”.

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