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  • January 2023 – Snowy Country Roads And School Buses Don’t Like Each Other

    Posted by Stephen Nelson on January 1, 2023 at 10:28 am

    Dad came into the house from doing the night chores and said with the unexpected amount of snowfall and drifting, he doubted if the high school bus would be running the next day. If that was the case, Mom couldn’t make it to teach her class either the next day. If there was a bad snowstorm predicted, Mom would stay in town with family friends who lived near the school, but this storm was worse than expected. Mom made arrangements for someone else to spare teach for her the next day.

    The next morning, we were sitting around the kitchen table enjoying a second cup of instant coffee. Dad always sat at the end of the table in the prime position which gave him the opportunity to watch television that was in the living room, see out the small kitchen window which showed the road going up the hill as well as a perfect view out the big kitchen window.

    Mom and I couldn’t see out the window over the sink and I sat at the table with my back to the big kitchen window. Suddenly, Dad blurted out, “The bus is coming down the hill.” Mom and I laughed because he always loved to tease us. Mom looked around to see the end of the bus coming down the hill. 

    Obviously, I wasn’t ready to get my coat, toque, gloves, scarf and winter boots on, let along make a dash out the snow-covered laneway in time to meet the school bus. I didn’t even do my homework the night before because I thought I could do it during the day home. 

    Dad didn’t see the bus come around the corner at the bottom of the hill. He figured the bus had met up with and lost to a large snowdrift across the road. Mom said that Dad should get the tractor and snow plough out to help them. Dad calmly said something like “Let somebody come to the house and ask. He was still eating his breakfast.”

    Eventually someone from the bus came to the house to ask Dad for help. Dad put his vest, smock and boots on as well as his leather work mitts. The two walked slowly to the driveshed where Dad prepared the tractor to snow plough or pull the bus through the drift.   

    I ran upstairs and started my homework.

    With calls of encouragement from the kids on the bus for Dad to slow down in digging the bus out of snow, he listened to what they said. By the time he had cleared the way for the bus, I had finished my homework and was waiting to be picked up at the end of the lane. 

    Happy kids got to school a lot later than the usual arrival time.

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