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  • July 2022 – Peaceful, But Not So Quiet

    Posted by Stephen Nelson on July 2, 2022 at 1:28 pm

    When I was in CDHS, it was called the “Resource Centre”, now it’s the “Library”.

    The peacefulness of the Resource Centre in my day, was monitored by Mr. J.J. Finnegan as he stood behind his counter/desk.

    We were able to sit at large round tables or in the study corrals which lined the one wall to supposedly study, or do homework (doubtful, except when forgetting to do it over the Christmas or Easter vacations).

    Before the internet and cell phones, we had the opportunity to use the Dewey Decimal system, (no relation to Donald Duck). If we figured it out or with Mr. Finnegan’s assistance, we got the book title and found out the area in the Resource Centre where the book was, we needed to read for research so we could write our Geography or a History project which was due in a month.

    The Reference section was “Not for Loan”, so we had to write down whatever we needed. I don’t remember the Resource Centre having a photocopier when I was in school.

    We could sign out books for a short time before asking for a renewal. That was only if no one else wanted the book. If that happened you had to return the book. Some students signed out as many books as possible.

    The Resource Centre was a great spot to hang out with school friends and classmates during spares and lunch, even though you couldn’t eat or drink in that room. I don’t know how many times; Mr. Finnegan would appear at a table or a couple of close study carrels to maintain peace and quiet.

    Anyone else have similar experiences with being noisy in the library?

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