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  • June 2023 – Time Flies

    Posted by Stephen Nelson on June 1, 2023 at 10:35 am

    Time seems to pass as slow as molasses in January when you are in some classes.

    I didn’t take Canadian Law in high school, but I think it is safe to say that the Statute of Limitations has passed. 

    Our first class after lunch on one day of our class schedule was in the old Bridge Street Public School when the high school had some construction renovation. After having lunch, some “eager” students would get to the Bridge Street Public School ahead of most of the others. I remember we had Algebra taught by Mr. Reisch as or first period after lunch.

    In our day, the clock on the classroom wall had a long hour and short minute hands and a sweeping red minute hand. This type of clock is called an analog clock, in contrast to a digital clock with the numbers changing on the clock as time progresses.

    With the teacher not in the classroom when students arrived, some daring student might alter the clock time, moving it a few minutes ahead. This lessened the teaching time and more time to return to the main school for next class. 

    Not all students had watches in those days, and teachers usually went by the clock to know when class would be over. 

    The problem was when the result of more than one student adjusting the time meant we were dismissed almost 15 minutes. We quietly left the classroom because other classes were still in session.

    The teacher, Mr. Reisch, realized what happened when his next class didn’t appear on time according to the clock. I think we had extra Algebra homework the next time we had that class. 

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