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  • January 2022 – Laws of a Different Kind

    Posted by Stephen Nelson on January 5, 2022 at 11:57 am

    When I was in Campbellford District High School, I learned or heard about laws which weren’t taught in Law classes.

    Probably some people are scratching their head wondering what I’m writing about.

    Some of the “Laws” outside of law classes are:

    • The Laws of Nature
      Newton’s Laws of Motion
    • The Laws of Science
    • Basic Laws of Algebra
    • Basic Laws of Mathematics

    I know this didn’t qualify me to be a “law”yer.

    Q. True or false? Mary Steinmann is the first female CDHS principal.

    A. Find out the answer in next month’s newsletter.

    Last month’s answer: Margaret MacLean was the first CDHS librarian.

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