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  • October 2022 – Leave School To Go To Class

    Posted by Stephen Nelson on October 1, 2022 at 9:56 am

    You might be confused, but some students had to leave the school to go to class. No, they didn’t have classes outside in the “Great Outdoors”.

    When the school additions were being built, some students had to go out to portables which were situated along the side of the football field and Ranney Street. It wasn’t too far to go, but rainy, cold, or snowy weather dictated if you braved the elements with a coat and maybe winter boots.

    The biggest trip to class was made by those teachers and students who made the trek down Ranney Street to Bridge Street. Some high school classes were held in the Bridge Street Public School.

    Some winter days, kids at the back part of the group heading down the street to slow down the front part, might throw snowballs in a high trajectory to land near those walking at the front of the group. That sometimes back-fired, because the “targets” moved faster to get to the school.

    There was a certain amount of time allocated to make it to class and return to the main building for your next class. I didn’t think of it back then, but the walking on Ranney Street likely wasn’t considered as part of Phys. Ed class. For anyone today, counting every step makes them closer to their daily number of steps goal.

    I wonder if this kind of walk to class will ever happen again.

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