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  • May 2022 – Up the “Down” Stairs or Down the “Up” Stairs

    Posted by Stephen Nelson on May 2, 2022 at 10:26 am

    Up the “Down” Stairs or Down the “Up” Stairs

    To those who attended Campbellford High School and Campbellford District High School this might bring back memories, whether they are good or bad.

    The staircases in the old wing in the late 1960s to mid-1970s were designated as “one-way”. This might not seem too important to current students and alumni since then who didn’t have to do this, but believe me, it was a big deal.

    When you were running late for class, it was tempting to sneak up the “down” direction stairs when your English class with Mr. Harris was right beside those stairs. Otherwise, you had to go through the hall and up the “up” stairs then go back along the hall to get to the class. And there was another floor of classrooms too.

    Some might remember we had hall monitors like Mr. Piercy and Vice-principal Rogister who did their best to maintain order on the stairs.

    I often wondered if the teachers in the old wing were exempt from this rule.

    Was anyone punished with detention for doing this?

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