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  • September 2022 – Are You In…?

    Posted by Stephen Nelson on September 3, 2022 at 8:05 am

    The first school day in CDHS brought disappointment for some that summer was over and for others, the opportunity to see school friends who they hadn’t seen since the last day of school in June.

    Before the electronic technology advancements, we had to wait until the first day of school to find out who was our homeroom teacher, who was in our homeroom class and our course schedule.

    For non-freshmen, you likely scanned the sheet with the weekdays across the top and times down the left side. The subject classes, the teachers’ names and the room location would be identified. In my day, the schedule was typewritten.

    As soon as you met your friends in your grade, the comparisons likely started.

    “Who do you have for let’s say, English?”

    “Oh, when is your class?”

    “When time do you get your lunch?”

    The word “Spare” and its time slot meant a lot to some.

    Seems to me that if your last period of the day was a spare, you could leave school early unless you had a detention or extra-curricular activity that day.

    A spare period right before or after lunch was like getting a lone hand in euchre.

    For some of us, we walked to the remaining Bridge Street public school to attend classes when the high school was being renovated. A spare gave extra time to get there or back with time to spare for the next class, pardon the pun.

    Does anyone still have their class schedule(s)? Q. Who was the first Campbellford District High School nominee to win a Schulich Leader Scholarship? A. Find out the answer in next month’s newsletter. Last month’s answer:

    Inbound: 1978 Joanne Bain from New Zealand Whakatane

    Outbound: 1978 Anne (Coughlan) Fattouche Brazil Belo Horizonte

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