Montse Alvarado, Beautiful Images by Montserrat

Gold Sponsor

Montse Alvarado, Beautiful Images by Montserrat

Meet our newest GOLD Sponsor,  a woman who may need little introduction in the beautiful Trent Hills area as she pops up everywhere to support,  promote and document many community endeavours with her talented eye, her big heart, and a perfectly focused lens.  

MONTSE ALVARADO  emigrated from Mexico to Canada as a young lady and graduated in 1992 from Campbellford District High School. 

Along with her partner, Harry, (of 20 years), she is a  co-owner of Blades of Glory and founder  of BEAUTIFUL IMAGES BY MONTSERRAT    

Take a look through the lenses of Montse Alvarado who sees the beauty and wonderment in everything she sees. From the smallest cobweb, to the most delicious meal, the sunrise, the sunset. One who captures images of flowers you can almost smell and images of birds so vivid you can hear their call. Places you now want to visit because of her pictures…all through the eyes, heart and lens of Montserrat. Search Beautiful Images by Montserrat on Facebook.

Contact 705-653-6311 to book an appointment.

And by the way, the Reunion committee is honoured to feature a couple of Montse’s beautiful photos in our CDHS Centennial Souvenir Book on sale now at CDHS2023REUNION.CA