CDHS 100th Anniversary Pendant


The size of each pendant is 25mm by 30 mm and such thickness to ensure quality and no bending, etc if too thin.

It can be attached to a necklace via a bail that is not showing on photo

The metallurgy is Sterling Silver with enameling

The minimum order quantity to avoid casting costs are 25 pieces. The delivery date(s) would start 6- 8 weeks after Rabethge have orders for the minimum 25.

The selling price is $399 plus taxes (these would normally sell for $449)

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To define “Enamel”:

The enamel process is known as “cold enamel”. It is a combination of epoxy/acrylic/polyester and this is what is used to provide the colour in the crest/logo.


  1. Because of the fluctuations in the price of Gold, the prices on the Gold rings would need to be confirmed at time of order.
  2. All Orders and payments would be through Rabethge’s direct – email Amber at her store:
  3. Any questions should be directed to her email or call her at 705-653-2540