CDHS Commemorative Souvenir Book – PREORDER


If you have pre-ordered, you will be able to pick up your book at the Reunion in July 2023.

This book is dedicated to the Students, Staff and Alumni who have both influenced and been influenced, by their time spent together in the corridors and classrooms of Campbellford’s High School. For more than a century now, no matter the name, no matter the decade, nor the school’s architectural design; the building has merely been the amphitheatre where the development of mind and spirit have taken centre stage. This book puts a spotlight on some of those actors, (the Students, Staff and Alumni) who have helped create a masterpiece of memories from the last 100 years.

It will be a 9 x 12-inch, hardcover album, approximately 120 pages with lots of photos and stories. The Reunion Committee will be able to offer you this book for the subsidized price of $60 if you buy at the Reunion, and they will be available on a first-come-firs-serve basis.

If you want a book, don’t wait!





A small group of dedicated individuals, (known as the History Committee for the CDHS Reunion) is putting together a souvenir book showcasing some important events in the history of Campbellford District High School.

The book will be printed and ready for pick up during the Reunion Weekend in July 2023 or (could be shipped to a personal address at an additional cost of Canada Post Rates.