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  • August 2022 – Write It Down

    Posted by Stephen Nelson on August 4, 2022 at 11:59 am

    You never know or knew what might be on an exam, so you probably wanted to take as many notes as possible.

    Students would pick their writing tool of choice, whether it was a pencil, ball-point pen or maybe even a fountain pen, as soon as their teacher would start writing on the blackboard, or whiteboard. Depending on the teacher’s writing speed, you might be falling behind in taking notes. You had better get it written down before the eraser was picked up and used to make it vanish.

    Writing, whether it is printed or cursive started to become extinct for some people. Were you permitted to use a small handheld cassette tape recorder to record what the teacher said? As technology advanced, could you use your new electronic device to record information?

    With electronic devices, our penmanship practice is normally when we sign an official document or a cheque. Hopefully, someone including us can decipher our signature.

    Q. Who were the first Rotary Youth Exchange outbound and inbound students and what year? Hint: There were two students, one inbound and one outbound.

    A. Find out the answer in next month’s newsletter.

    Last month’s answer: Gary Williams played for the Canadian Football League’s Toronto Argonauts in 1957 and won the Gruen Trophy that year for being the most outstanding Canadian rookie in the East Division.

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